The development of dairy products and beverages that appeal to consumers in terms of appearance, flavor and texture is a major goal for dairy manufacturers worldwide.


The development of dairy products and beverages that appeal to consumers in terms of appearance, flavor and texture is a major goal for dairy manufacturers worldwide.

Our gelatin and collagen have key advantages in a variety of dairy applications, thus helping to achieve this goal. They help prevent syneresis, improve foaming and stabilize the porous structure. Small amounts of added gelatin will make it impossible for dairy lovers to resist the soft, creamy texture.

Edible gelatin mainly plays a role in preventing whey precipitation, protecting casein and stabilizing foam. As people's living standard improves, the dairy industry grows, the supply of dairy products increases, and the demand for gelatin also increases.

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  • Soft cheese
    The melting point of gelatin is close to human body temperature, which gives the product a smooth and creamy texture, satisfying flavor and organoleptic perception.
    • Soft cheese products are particularly capable of taking full advantage of the water binding and thickening properties of gelatin.

    • The ingredients of gelatin also help prevent syneresis and improve stability.

  • Low-fat cream
    Products with gelatin added have sensory properties similar to a spread of cream. Gelatin is used in applications where it is used in very low quantities and is a superior ingredient. It is also an easy-to-use hydrophilic colloid that is eas

    • The stabilizing effect of gelatin inhibits the damaging effect on emulsification during storage and creaming.

    • The melting characteristics and gelatinous nature of gelatin in the mouth ensure that low-fat products have similar organoleptic perception and texture to the corresponding high-fat products.

    • In cases where gelatin alone cannot achieve the desired product texture state and process conditions, gelatin can be used in combination with other hydrocolloids (e.g. agar) to give it a wider and more perfect application in dairy products.
  • Yogurt
    In yogurt products, gelatin molecules form a weak gel mesh that prevents whey from exuding and separating.
    • Gelatin allows low-fat yogurt to achieve a texture state similar to that of yogurt with high cream content, improving consumer acceptability.

    • The stabilizing ability and high melting point of high-strength gelatin makes it possible to be used alone in yogurt products.

  • Sour thin cream
    Sour thin cream includes full-fat, low-fat and skimmed products.
    • Based on the fat content in the yogurt and the desired state of tissue structure.

    • Gelatin is used together with other stabilizers such as vegetable gum or modified starch to achieve a good appearance, smooth texture and good mouth feel of the product.
Production Process
Production Process

The world's leading gelatin production equipment and production process, the production is fully automated and precisely controlled to ensure the high quality and stability of gelatin products and the high efficiency and energy saving of the production process.

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