Edible Gelatin
Making formulation and innovation easier across all food segments

Edible Gelatin

Making formulation and innovation easier across all food segments

What is Edible Gelatin? Edible gelatin is a natural food thickener. Funingpu edible gelatin powder can be classified as follows by the method of raw material treatment: Type A (acid method) and Type B (alkali method). These materials are typically taken from pig skin, pig bone, cow skin, and cow bone. We can provide high-quality porcine gelatin & bovine gelatin powder for food.

Gelatin has a unique ability to gel thermally reversible, dissolving in warm water and becoming gel-like when cooled. Due to its ability to gel, foam, emulsify, and bind, edible gelatin powder is not only a great thickener for desserts and stews but also a great ingredient for healthy jellies and gummies.

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Clear labels, versatile, and easy to use
Our multifunctional gelatin-based solutions, combined with our in-depth technical knowledge and global service, make formulation and innovation easier across all food segments. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of manufacturers and consumers.
Confectionery combines sensory perception, taste, texture and flavor

Edible gelatin has been used in food processing for hundreds of years. Today, it is an essential ingredient in a range of confectionery and other foods to create an excellent texture. With its exceptional gelling, foaming, stabilizing, thickening, binding and emulsifying functionalities, gelatin can be used to create a wide range of textures and flavors in gelatin candy and marshmallows. Additionally, Funingpu gelatin is water-soluble and compatible with most other hydrocolloids, including vegetable colloids such as agar-agar, alginates, carrageenans and pectins, as well as sugars, corn syrups, edible acids and flavors, making it a versatile and essential ingredient in the food industry.

With our extensive technical and formulation expertise, our highly versatile gelatin can meet the different needs of our customers.

The development of dairy products and beverages that appeal to consumers in terms of appearance, flavor and texture is a major goal for dairy manufacturers worldwide.

Our gelatin and collagen have key advantages in a variety of dairy applications, thus helping to achieve this goal. They help prevent syneresis, improve foaming and stabilize the porous structure. Small amounts of added gelatin will make it impossible for dairy lovers to resist the soft, creamy texture.

Edible gelatin mainly plays a role in preventing whey precipitation, protecting casein and stabilizing foam. As people's living standard improves, the dairy industry grows, the supply of dairy products increases, and the demand for gelatin also increases.

Edible gelatin is an ingredient used in many kinds of desserts – not only by food manufacturers, but also in kitchens around the world.

Its easy usability and wide range of functionalities open the door to fun, creative and perfect desserts. It sets quickly and also enhances the color and clarity of desserts.

Gelatin prevents the formation of coarse-grained ice crystals in products, keeps the texture delicate, and reduces the melting rate.

Water retention is an important characteristic of most meat products. Edible gelatin can firmly “lock” free water, so that during processing such as heating, sterilization, shearing, etc., water will not be lost in large quantities.

Meat with poor water retention has a rough texture, poor slicability and low yield. The ability to hold water in meat can be increased by adding substances that have a strong affinity to water. Ingredients usually added to meat products include starch and soy protein. The water absorption ratio of starch is 1:2; the water absorption ratio of soy protein is 1:4; while the water absorption ratio of edible gelatin can be tens of times. This is because the molecular structure in edible gelatin contains strong ionic groups that form additional hydrogen bonds with free water. In addition, edible gelatin reacts with proteins to form a strong three-dimensional spatial structure—gels that lock in moisture.

Alcoholic Beverages
Edible gelatin is particularly suited for the clarification of wine, beer and apple juice. It improves product transparency and decreases the astringency of final beverages without negatively affecting the taste.

As a large molecule hydrocolloid, gelatin act not only as a gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, and thickener, but also as a clarifying agent. Clarification is the process of adding a flocculating substance to the product to fix and precipitate suspended particles that cause turbidity in wine or juice.

Soft Gels
Soft gelatin capsules, also known as soft gels, are preparations made by enclosing oil, non-water-soluble liquid, or suspension insoluble in gelatin in a capsule shell. Funingpu soft gelatin can be made in different shapes and sizes, such as round, oval, fish-shaped, tube-shaped, etc.

Gelatin is an ideal type of oral medication dosage as it offers favorable conditions for the contents. This protein effectively prevents the interaction between the shell and the ingredients, ensuring biopharmaceutical properties. The common soft gelatin capsule’s uses are in pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and cosmetics. Gelatin capsule's benefits contain enhanced stability, precise dosing, and ease of digestion.

Gelatin is a natural biopolymeric material, it has the advantages of biodegradability, good biocompatibility and gelation. It is a traditional pharmaceutical excipient that is widely used in the pharmaceutical field.

A microcapsule is a container or package with a polymeric wall shell and microscopic packaging. Microencapsulation is the technology of encapsulating and sealing solids, liquids or gases in a microcapsule as a solid particulate product.

Functional Gummies
Functional gummies are one of the fastest growing nutritional products in Europe, North America and Asia.

The addition of functional ingredients (vitamins, minerals, fiber or collagen) can give the product a health care effect. Many brands of gummies have gone beyond the traditional confectionery industry. With Funingpu Gelatin, we can support and assist you in entering this growing market.

Technical Applications of

Edible Gelatin

As a hydrolyzed high protein of collagen, edible gelatin is a natural and nutritious food thickener.
  • A perfect ingredient for the food and nutrition markets: Clean label, pure protein of natural origin
  • Important value in overcoming the technical challenges in protein formulation
  • Neutral in taste and odor
  • Easy to integrate in many applications
  • Gelatin and gelatin solutions for product innovation
Customer Process
Phase 1: Creating a Needs Profile

After the initial communication, Funingpu will understand the customer's requirements for gelatin and collagen peptides, and maintain confidentiality of any information involving intellectual property rights. We will create a profile based on the customer's current or future product requirements. The profile will include specifications, functional characteristics, product interactions, product constraints, best results, currently known alternatives, etc.

Phase 2: Sample Development

At your request, we will send the most matched sample for testing without violating commercial restrictions. For new R&D products, we will conduct in-depth research and recommend the most applicable product line and provide sample testing. After testing, we will combine the test results your comments and make adjustments if necessary.

Phase 3: Quotation and Small-Volume Production Testing

Once the plan is finalized, we will further confirm all commercial details and perform any necessary small-volume production testing. Throughout this process, we will make necessary adjustments based on the customer's feedback.

Phase 4: Delivery

After the production is completed, internal quality inspection will be conducted, and shipments will be arranged in a timely manner as required, including the confirmation of the mode of transportation, date, import and export documents and related documentation.

Production Process
Production Process

The world's leading gelatin production equipment and production process, the production is fully automated and precisely controlled to ensure the high quality and stability of gelatin products and the high efficiency and energy saving of the production process.

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