Collagen Peptides
From Professional Athletes to Health-conscious Individuals

Collagen Peptides

From Professional Athletes to Health-conscious Individuals

Funingpu is a leading firm of collagen peptide application solutions. Our collagen peptides are extracted by breaking down large collagen molecules into smaller peptides composed of amino acids such as glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. The body easily absorbs these peptides which are water-soluble.
As a professional collagen peptide manufacturer, Funingpu offers a range of collagen peptide types. Contact us to learn how our graded range of collagen peptides, including collagen peptide type I & III blends
, can be integrated into your formulations to provide various health benefits.

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We provide high-quality collagen peptides for various industries
Our multifunctional gelatin- and collagen-based solutions, combined with our rich technical knowledge and global service, make formulation and innovation easier across all related segments. We are committed to satisfying producers and consumers.
Health Supplements
Collagen is a major component of the body's structure, and supplementing with it can have significant health benefits. As the body grows and ages, it requires a constant supply of collagen.

There are numerous nutritional health foods and collagen-based beauty products in the market for collagen for bone health. With remarkable clinical results and excellent market feedback, collagen peptide supplements have taken the world by storm.

Functional Beverages
At present, collagen peptide as the main raw material of beauty, delay aging functional beverage products are increasingly widely recognized.

Collagen peptides have a high nutritional value and can replenish the collagen needed in the body, and can also play a supporting role in making the skin more elastic, keeping it flat.

Meal Replacement
One of the most common collagen peptide uses is in meal replacement products. By providing a rich taste, balanced nutrition, and energy replenishment, collagen peptide meal replacements can help increase satiety and support weight management goals. At Funingpu, we offer a range of collagen peptide solutions, including collagen peptide type 1 and type 2, to meet your formulation need.

Collagen peptides are the most abundant protein as well as the most important component of connective tissue in the human body. They provide strength, elasticity, and stability to skin, cartilage, ligaments, and bones. Adding collagen peptides to meal replacements can provide essential nutrients to the body while maintaining a healthy shape.

Pet Food
Collagen peptides are widely used in pet food as the main ingredient in health products and as an additive to main food snacks.

Collagen peptides enrich the taste of pet food while providing strength, elasticity and stability to the skin, cartilage, ligaments, bones and other parts of the body, achieving the purpose of energy and nutrition at the same time.

Collagen peptide added to skin care cosmetics, such as lotion, essence, can cooperate with other raw materials, synergistic effect, good effect, to achieve the effect of water holding, repair.

As an effective cosmetic ingredient, small molecule collagen peptides can moisturize the skin and make it smooth. Therefore, they are called “bone in bone, skin in skin, and flesh in flesh.” They strongly underpin the dermis and their effect on the skin cannot be overstated.

Technical Applications of

Collagen Peptides

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and an important component in maintaining normal body activities. It is rich in amino acids such as glycine, proline and hydroxyproline that the body needs. Funingpu collagen peptides may offer a range of health benefits, such as improving skin health, reducing joint pain and increasing muscle mass.
  • Natural protein melts at body temperature and is easily absorbed by the body.
  • Natural, safe health products with multiple uses.
  • Gelatin and collagen peptides are recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as generally recognized as safe additives (GRAS) and generally recognized as safe food ingredients, respectively.
  • No immunogenicity.
  • Capable of functional customization, popular with food developers
Customer Process
Phase 1: Creating a Needs Profile

After the initial communication, Funingpu will understand the customer's requirements for gelatin and collagen peptides, and maintain confidentiality of any information involving intellectual property rights. We will create a profile based on the customer's current or future product requirements. The profile will include specifications, functional characteristics, product interactions, product constraints, best results, currently known alternatives, etc.

Phase 2: Sample Development

At your request, we will send the most matched sample for testing without violating commercial restrictions. For new R&D products, we will conduct in-depth research and recommend the most applicable product line and provide sample testing. After testing, we will combine the test results your comments and make adjustments if necessary.

Phase 3: Quotation and Small-Volume Production Testing

Once the plan is finalized, we will further confirm all commercial details and perform any necessary small-volume production testing. Throughout this process, we will make necessary adjustments based on the customer's feedback.

Phase 4: Delivery

After the production is completed, internal quality inspection will be conducted, and shipments will be arranged in a timely manner as required, including the confirmation of the mode of transportation, date, import and export documents and related documentation.

Production Process
Production Process

The world's leading gelatin production equipment and production process, the production is fully automated and precisely controlled to ensure the high quality and stability of gelatin products and the high efficiency and energy saving of the production process.

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