Pharmaceutical Gelatin
Medical innovation with safe and high-purity biomaterials

Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Medical innovation with safe and high-purity biomaterials

We manufacture and sell pharmaceutical gelatin for different applications, meeting the requirements of biocompatibility, biodegradability, control of endotoxin levels and batch consistency. Our medical gelatin is manufactured in compliance with cGMP standards, ISO standards, and FDA regulations.

Gelatin in medicine must comply with pharmacopoeia regulations, such as incandescent residue, conductivity, heavy metal content, acidity and alkalinity, drying weight loss, microbial index control, etc.

With unique film-forming capabilities and thermal reversibility, Funingpu pharmaceutical gelatin is a key ingredient in the production of hard capsules, tablets and specialty pharma.

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Natural, safe excipients
Combined with our in-deep technical knowledge and global quality services, our multifunctional pharmaceutical gelatin solutions make formulation and innovation in the medical field easier. We are committed to satisfying producers and consumers.
Hard Capsules
Pharmaceutical gelatin, refined from medicinal gelatin and excipients, is the primary component of hard capsules, which consist of two capsule shell sections, namely the cap and the body. Bovine gelatine and porcine gelatin are common sources used to produce hard gelatin capsules.

High freezing strength (high freezing power) alkaline gelatine (type B - B gelatine is bone gelatine or bovine skin gelatine treated with soaking ash) and acid gelatine (type A - A gelatine is pig skin gelatine or bovine gelatine without soaking ash treatment) can be used to manufacture hollow hard capsules. Both types of gelatin can be mixed or used alone.

Common Applications of Hard Capsules: Hard gelatin capsules are typically used to encapsulate dry powders or granules and are often used in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. Hard capsules provide a convenient and easy-to-swallow dosage form for a variety of products, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, and medications. They also offer a degree of protection for the product, as well as a tamper-evident feature to ensure the safety and integrity of the medication.

When pharmaceutical gelatin is used in tablet production, it can be used as an adhesive or tablet coating, and the adhesive effect of gelatin makes the tablets have adhesion, temperature resistance and hardness.

Pharmaceutical gelatin is a high-grade gelatin product made from animal skins, bones and tendons. It is fat-free, rich in protein, and easily absorbed by the human body after complex physicochemical treatment. It is physically characterized by high viscosity, high freezing power, and easy to freeze. The quality and variety of gelatin directly affects the method and quality of the tablets that are made with the involvement of gelatin. Standard gelatin has higher adhesive and binding properties, resulting in harder and more adhesive coated or compressed tablets, as well as longer disintegration time.

Specialty Pharma
Gelatin is a natural biopolymeric material, it has the advantages of biodegradability, good biocompatibility and gelation. It is a traditional pharmaceutical excipient that is widely used in the pharmaceutical field.

Gelatin does not produce other by-products after degradation in the body. It is non-immunogenic and hemocompatible, and has the same components and biological properties as collagen, it is widely used in tissue engineering and drug delivery systems.

Technical Applications of

Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Funingpu pharmaceutical gelatin has high quality, high microbial purity and high chemical purity properties. Its versatility and high-quality properties make it an important pharmaceutical excipient for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • It has a variety of application functional properties such as gelling, foaming, film forming, thickening, water-binding, emulsifying, and adhesion.
  • We offer high-quality gelatin for technical applications, making it the preferred material for many technical applications.
  • Photography applications
  • Microencapsulation
  • Electrochemical plating
  • Adhesives, etc
Customer Process
Phase 1: Creating a Needs Profile

After the initial communication, Funingpu will understand the customer's requirements for gelatin and collagen peptides, and maintain confidentiality of any information involving intellectual property rights. We will create a profile based on the customer's current or future product requirements. The profile will include specifications, functional characteristics, product interactions, product constraints, best results, currently known alternatives, etc.

Phase 2: Sample Development

At your request, we will send the most matched sample for testing without violating commercial restrictions. For new R&D products, we will conduct in-depth research and recommend the most applicable product line and provide sample testing. After testing, we will combine the test results your comments and make adjustments if necessary.

Phase 3: Quotation and Small-Volume Production Testing

Once the plan is finalized, we will further confirm all commercial details and perform any necessary small-volume production testing. Throughout this process, we will make necessary adjustments based on the customer's feedback.

Phase 4: Delivery

After the production is completed, internal quality inspection will be conducted, and shipments will be arranged in a timely manner as required, including the confirmation of the mode of transportation, date, import and export documents and related documentation.

Production Process
Production Process

The world's leading gelatin production equipment and production process, the production is fully automated and precisely controlled to ensure the high quality and stability of gelatin products and the high efficiency and energy saving of the production process.

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