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Pre-production manufacturing process
After removing the fat and minerals from the raw material, there are two types of pre-treatment depending on the raw material and the gelatin application:

Alkali treatment:

Bones and skins of animals are fully impregnated with lime emulsion, neutralized with hydrochloric acid, washed with water, boiled at 60℃~70℃, then filtrated,concentrated,sterilized and dried. The finished product is called Type B gelatin or alkaline gelatin.

Acid treatment:

The raw material is acidified in cold sulfuric acid solution of pH 1~3 for 2~8h, rinsed and water-soaked for 24h, boiled at 50℃~70℃ , then filtrated,concentrated,sterilized and dried. The finished product is called Type A gelatin or acid gelatin.

Manufacturing Process
  • Gel extraction

    Mix pre-treatment raw materials with hot water, hydrolyze the gelatin, and extract the gel. Water temperature and oil separation degree are very important technical controls in the process of gel extraction.

  • Purification

    Remove insoluble impurities from the gel in our efficient and durable filtration unit, and remove soluble salts from the gel by ion exchange.

  • Concentration

    Concentrate and thicken the gel using high performance concentration and evaporation equipment.

  • Drying

    The gel is subjected to high temperature sterilization, freeze extrusion, long net drying and crushing under strictly controlled conditions in a sterile environment to obtain semi-finished gelatine. Funingpu laboratories effectively control the entire process to ensure the quality and purity of the product.

Process-driven R&D

Our team of technical experts work together with you for shorter delivery time and a better collaboration. We will do our best to solve your problems with our expertise.

We help you apply our products to your applications, work with you to develop new products, and get your products to market more quickly and successfully.

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