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August, 05,2022

Funingpu tells you how the quality of edible gelatin is

Edible gelatin is a protein derived from animal collagen, a complex skin polymer. From a polymer polydispersity perspective, it is not possible to produce batches of finished products with consistent quality. One characteristic of gelatin solutions is the thermal reversibility of the gel; another is that its melting point is very close to the human oral temperature.



Gelatin jellies therefore have excellent edible properties and are widely and used in the manufacture of many food products. Gelatin is widely used in the confectionery industry because of its nutritional value and gelling properties. The properties of gelatin are determined by its physical and chemical indicators, such as pH, viscosity, freezing power and the content of other compounds.



They are also related to a range of factors such as gelatin raw materials, processing and manufacturing methods, and the conditions under which gelatin is heated to melt and gel is formed. Edible gelatin is used in the confectionery industry and, like its raw materials, it is strictly selected and processed in its production in accordance with the relevant regulations of the food industry.


In use, the physical and chemical indicators and bacteriological tests of gelatin are used to understand the intrinsic quality and properties of gelatin and thus determine the specific use of gelatin. The daily testing items of edible gelatin include: Freezing power, color, transparency, ash, moisture, foaming performance, trace metal and sulfur dioxide content, pH, microbial inspection, etc.



The quality of edible gelatin is usually controlled in factory production so that the users receive the most consistent quality products possible.


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