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July, 08,2022

What is the difference between edible gelatin and carrageenan

There are many additives on the market, but not all additives are harmful to our health. On the contrary, one of them is edible gelatin, which is not only harmless to us, but also has a high nutritional value. In addition, there is a carrageenan widely used as an additive. What is the difference? Let’s take a look.



It is well known that the raw materials of edible gelatin are fresh porcine and cowhide skins, which are translucent,crystals made by various complex processes. It contains a variety of amino acids, collagen and other substances required by the human body, and has high nutritional value. It can be found in meat skin jellies, canned goods, jellies, milk candies and even chocolate and beer.



The main component of carrageenan is red algae. The polysaccharide plant gum extracted from red algae is widely used in the food industry, chemical industry, biochemistry, medical research and other fields. Carrageenan is widely used in dairy products, ice cream, juice drinks, bread, hydrogel (water jelly), meat food, condiments, canned food, etc. because of its characteristics of forming hydrocolloid, gel, thickening, emulsification, film formation and stable dispersion.



In fact, both edible gelatin and carrageenan have their own areas in terms of additives and have their own exclusive functions in their respective areas. People may also notice some variation in flavor if some foods do not have them. When we choose, we need to make a selection based on our actual needs.


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