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July, 11,2022

Gelatin can be divided into edible gelatin, pharmaceutical gelatin, photographic gelatin and industrial gelatin

Gelatin is the collagen part of connective tissue such as animal skin, bones and muscle membranes, and can be degraded into white or pale yellow flakes or powder particles with a slight gloss. It is a colorless, odorless, non-volatile, transparent and hard amorphous material that is soluble in hot water and insoluble in cold water, but can slowly absorb water, swell and soften. Depending on the gelatin, it can be divided into edible gelatin, pharmaceutical gelatin, photographic gelatin and industrial gelatin.



Edible Gelatin


Edible gelatin is collagen made from the bones and skin of pigs, cattle, sheep and other animals that have been denatured and degraded. It is a pure protein. It does not contain fat and cholesterol and is easily absorbed by the body. It is highly nutritional. In addition, gelatin foods made from wool have some therapeutic effects on certain diseases. Edible gelatin is often used in jellies, food coloring, high-grade gummies, ice cream, dry vinegar, yogurt, frozen foods, etc.



Pharmaceutical Gelatin


Pharmaceutical gelatin is used in the production of pharmaceutical products, such as cod liver oil and capsules. As it is used in drug production, its quality also determines the safety of drug use. Its heavy metal content, microorganisms, preservatives, etc. are subject to quite strict requirements.



Photographic Gelatin


Photographic gelatin is mainly used to produce light-sensitive materials and plays an important role in the exposure and development stages of the film. Widely used in the production of various kinds of film, medical X-ray film, printing film, photographic paper and other light-sensitive industries.


Industrial Gelatin


Industrial gelatin is a fine chemical made from animal skins and bones. It is widely used for thickening, stabilizing, gelling and binding in plate, furniture, match, feed and paper-making industries.



How to distinguish industrial gelatin from edible gelatin?


1. Industrial gelatin products generally have high impurities, low viscosity and toughness, poor quality and fragility. In this way, we can determine whether industrial gelatin has been added.



2. Edible gelatin is transparent, white and relatively clean, while industrial gelatin products are generally brightly colored. Because of too many impurities, some additives will be used to hide the impurities, so the bright color may imply the addition of industrial gelatin.



3. Generally, industrial gelatin is used to reduce costs. In many ways, including quality, materials, technology and environment, it can be relatively inferior and make a less refined product.



Gelatin test items and standards


The gelatin test items include:


Composition analysis, formulation analysis and reduction, unknown substance analysis, material identification, fault diagnosis and analysis, comparative analysis, material thermal analysis, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, appearance, properties, density, moisture, dry weight loss, concentration, ash, Brinell viscosity, gel strength, transparency, water insolubility, sulfur dioxide content, heavy metal content, total bacteria, toughness, impact strength, high and low temperature resistance, temperature change, etc.


The following are the testing standards for gelatin:


Qb/t 1995-2005 Industrial gelatin


QB 2354-2005 Pharmaceutical gelatin


Qb/t 4087-2010 Edible gelatin


Db51/t 1924-2014 Determination of chromium in industrial gelatin by flame atomic absorption spectrometry


Db22/t 2691-2017 Qualitative testing of raccoon dog-derived components in gelatin by real-time fluorescence PCR




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