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August, 14,2023

Gelatin Used in Medicine: An Overview of Applications and Benefits

The gelatin used in medicine is gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical world due to its exceptional features. With its elasticity and clarity properties, it is a helpful substance used to coat capsules and tablets and an excellent alternative to wound dressings and hemostatic and blood sponges.



Pharmaceutical Gelatin: Gelatin Used in Medicine

Also referred to as medical gelatin, pharmaceutical gelatin is a specialized form. It is derived from collagen found in animal connective tissues, such as the bones and skin of cattle or pigs. Following strict requirements for use in pharmaceutical and medical applications,  pharmaceutical gelatin must undergo stringent purification and quality control procedures to ensure its safety and suitability for medical use. 


Compared with regular gelatin, the gelatin used in medicine is rigorously tested for impurities, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants to meet regulatory requirements. In contrast, regular gelatin is used in food and other non-medical products, abiding by stringent safety requirements established by agencies like the FDA or EMA to reduce risks.


Applications of Medical Gelatin

Gelatin, an essential component in various pharmaceutical products, has many critical medical applications.


  • Hard and Soft Capsules

Hard and Soft Capsules are mainly applied to manufacture hard and soft capsules. As an excellent encapsulating agent, gelatin allows for the simple administration of pharmaceuticals while ensuring accurate dosing and easy digestion.


  • Micro-Encapsulation

Another use of gelatin used in medicine is micro-encapsulation, which shows gelatin's versatility in enclosing delicate substances within minute particles. This method provides stable and long-term protection for the substances in the core.


  • Tablets

Tablets, the foundation of solid oral dosage forms, have integrated structures due to gelatin's binding properties. As a stabilizing agent, gelatin can ensure the consistent formulation of tablets, allowing for proper dissolution and absorption within the body.

pharmaceutical gelatin


  • Surgical Obturators

Gelatin is used as a surgical obturator in surgical settings, helping to suture wounds and surgical sites effectively. Gelatin can also aid post-operative recovery and patient comfort by promoting hemostasis and protecting against infections.


  • Haemostatic Sponges

Gelatin haemostatic sponges are indispensable for managing to bleed and facilitating clot formation during surgical procedures, effectively aiding wound healing.


  • Ostomy Bags

Finally, gelatin used in medicine can make ostomy bags, providing support and containment for patients who require temporary or permanent stoma formation. These bags help enhance the quality of life for those with specific medical needs.

medical gelatin


For more information about gelatin applications, please read Edible Gelatin Unveiled: Discover Uses, Benefits, and Must-Know Tips.


Reasons Why Gelatin Is Used in Medical Field

Among the reasons gelatin is used in medicine, here are the top 4 ones:


  • Bloom 

One of the main factors influencing gelatin's popularity in medicine is its gel strength, which is frequently assessed using the Bloom test. This characteristic is reflected in the firmness and consistency of the gel created when gelatin and water are combined. The levels of gel strength are depended on the medical application. The gelatin used in medicine can be customized to meet specific requirements due to its adjustable Bloom value, which makes it appropriate for various medical products like capsules, wound dressings, and surgical hemostats.


  • Safe and Well-Tolerated for Most People

Gelatin is made from natural sources, primarily animal collagen, which makes it biocompatible and typically well-tolerated for the human body. It is especially essential in medical applications where patient safety is paramount. Moreover, pharmaceutical-grade gelatin rarely causes adverse reactions, as evidenced by its lengthy pharmaceutical industry use history.


  • Soluble in Water and Easy to Work With

Gelatin's solubility in water is advantageous in the production of pharmaceuticals because it makes it simple to process into different forms, such as capsules, films, and gels. Its simplicity of use streamlines manufacturing procedures and guarantees the quality of medical products.


  • Affordable and Widely Available

The affordability of gelatin is another critical factor influencing its popularity in medicine. Gelatin can be produced at a lower cost than some synthetic substitutes, which makes gelatin-based medical products more accessible and affordable to patients all over the world. Gelatin is also obtained from plentiful animal by-products, guaranteeing its consistent supply.


Funingpu's Gelatin Solutions - Your Trusted Gelatin Supplier

Discover the exceptional qualities of Funingpu's gelatin solutions and elevate your products with its high-quality gelatin used in medicine. With over 30 years of experience, Funingpu is a prominent gelatin manufacturer serving the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Here is why Funingpu's gelatin solutions are the best options for pharmaceutical and other industries:

  • Equipped with leading international professional equipment, Funingpu gelatin factory boasts a 15,000 t/y gelatin production line.
  • The company holds certifications like ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22000 & FSSC22000, and GMP, ensuring perfect quality management and safety.
  • The gelatin supplier adheres to SEMTA 4P Social Responsibility Audit standards, demonstrating deep dedication to ethical and responsible practices.



The gelatin used in medicine has proven to be a valuable ingredient in the medical field. Funingpu's high-quality gelatin solutions provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with a reliable and efficient option for their formulations, ensuring safe and effective healthcare products for patients worldwide. Take the first step toward a healthier future with Funingpu - where innovation meets excellence in Funingpu gelatin solutions!

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