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July, 18,2022

Production of Funingpu pharmaceutical gelatin

We often eat gelatin raw materials, such as sweet and sour pork ribs, water-soaked tendons, bone broth, etc. When we eat pork, we also eat it with skin, so there are tens of thousands of tons of annual consumption. The technology used in the production of pharmaceutical gelatin should be used to improve quality and strong management should be adopted to reduce bacterial contamination. This requirement allows the user to melt gelatin, especially when applying a tight ratio of gelatin and water. When producing hard capsules, gelatin added is three times the weight of water. If there are fine particles in the glue powder, the fine powder will clump when it meets water.



The dough is surrounded by wet gel powder and covered with dry gel powder, which is not easy to melt when heated. Therefore, experienced people often turn the plastic bag upside down to see if there is white powder at the bottom. Gelatin crushing is a form of drying gelatin. Crushing should be done by high speed impact, not by crushing or grinding.


The connective tissues of animals, such as skins and bones, are rich in colloids composed of a variety of proteins. Among them, collagen is the main component of gelatin production. It is insoluble in water and in dilute solutions of acids, bases and salts. The degree of hydrolysis of collagen in hot water converts the original polymer into a gel solution of low molecular weight and corresponding viscosity that can be dissolved in hot water.



This is the principle of gelatin making: Gelatin and collagen are prepared by a process that releases pre-collagen molecules by breaking the covalent cross-linking and non-covalent bonds of the stabilized molecules through appropriate treatments, followed by the release of gelatin by heating to break the hydrogen bonding kit of the stabilized collagen helices.



Currently, gelatin is produced by the alkali method, which is an alkali treatment process in which raw materials are soaked in lime milk. Ash soaking is an important component of alkaline gelation. In the presence of alkali, the raw material not only loosens the structure of the raw material, but also dissolves and removes organic matter that affects the quality of gelatin.


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