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August, 03,2022

Funingpu gelatin acts as a stirring agent

In addition to being a coagulant, gelatin is also used as a stirring agent. Although eggs, as a soft product, can also be used as a stirring agent, they are usually used in mass production because gelatin alone is simpler to use than other stirring agents. According to the analysis of products currently on the market, most juice candies are made from gelatin as a stirring agent. There are several important indicators for this gummy, such as degree of foaming, toughness and elasticity, viscosity, setting time, beating time and setting temperature.



The relationship between these properties and the gelatin solution is as follows:


Degree of foaming. When syrup is added, the foaming will be better if the concentration of gelatin is increased. However, when the gelatin is at its value, the foaming degree decreases instead. The test showed that the concentration of gelatin in 72% syrup was 1.85%. Therefore, a suitable gelatin concentration should be selected before use.


Toughness and elasticity. This depends on gelatin concentration and gel strength, but syrup can also increase elasticity. If you choose a gelatin with a lower gel strength (freezing power), you can use a rubber-like product.


Viscosity. Foaming is related to viscosity, so any relevant factor that can increase foaming can increase viscosity.



Solidification speed. Because the retention time of juice gummies prior to cutting, demolding and packaging is dependent on the solidification speed, this speed has significant economic value. It is generally accepted that the higher the gel strength of gelatin, the faster it is solidified. Juice gummies can reach high gel strength within 24 hours. Notably, when the pH of the gel is above 6.0, the product will turn brownish yellow.



Beating time. Changes in the concentration of gelatin solution have a significant effect on the beating time. For example, if the gelatin concentration increases by 0.2%, the beating time may be reduced by 30%. Acidic gelatin has a shorter beating time than alkaline gelatin.Melting and freezing points. The melting and freezing points of the juice gummy are linear with the melting and freezing points of the gelatin (measured in 6.67% to % aqueous solution).


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