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July, 27,2022

How is the production of Funingpu gelatin

In order to produce qualified gelatin products, it is crucial to understand the correct gelatin production process. Every step needs to be handled with care. Do you know how to produce gelatin correctly? Next, let’s hear the gelatin manufacturer’s advice on this. The key points of gelatin production by gelatin manufacturers are briefly described as follows:



The production process for gelatin is as follows: raw bone or skin → crushing → screening → skimming → acid washing → washing → lime → water washing and neutralizing → physical extraction → filtration → ion exchange → concentration → gelling and shaping → drying → crushing → mixing → finished product. The key points of gelatin production by gelatin manufacturers can be summarized in four points:


Gelatin production in gelatin plants is a complex chemical process involving several processes, including the main but basic unit operations of chemical production: material crushing, material handling, extraction, filtration, evaporation and drying. Careless operation of any device can affect the yield and quality of the product.



The gelatin production process is essentially a process in which collagen undergoes various changes: Gelatin manufacturers’ gelatin production cycles usually depend on advanced raw material processing. Within a certain time, the longer the pre-treatment time is, the better, while the shorter the gelatin extraction time is, the better.



Through the complex gelatin production process, different qualities of gelatin are produced depending on the type and freshness of raw materials, production process and equipment, climatic environment, water quality, etc. The quality of gelatin extracted from the same batch of raw materials after the same treatment also varies.


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