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July, 20,2020

The “versatility” of edible gelatin

An important contributor to gummies, which can be a gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, thickener or foaming agent, is the “versatile” edible gelatin that gives food a richer taste, texture and look.


Gelatin has many excellent chemical and physical properties, so it is used in a wide range of applications. It is mainly classified as edible gelatin, pharmaceutical gelatin and industrial gelatin. Let’s take a look at the “versatility” of edible gelatin in the food industry.


First of all, edible gelatin is a gelling agent that can form a thermally reversible gel with water, which is more elastic and easier to chew compared to other gels. Moreover, syneresis hardly occurs in edible gelatin and is widely used in the confectionery industry and in foods such as canned meat, ham sausage and meat jelly.


Edible gelatin is also a stabilizer, creating foam while stabilizing it. It makes other substances evenly distributed without precipitation or settling. It can be used in meat products to make their fats form emulsions, making thick soup thick but not greasy, easy to digest and nutritious. It also prevents the formation of ice crystals and reduces the melting rate of food, like ice cream.


Edible gelatin is also widely used as a stirring agent, which is easy and simple to use, produces a lot of foam and can be maintained for a long time, and is a good food foaming agent that can be used to make marshmallows, etc. It can also be used as an adhesive, and there is edible gelatin to help bond and create shapes on the candies and cakes we usually eat.



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