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July, 14,2022

Funingpu introduces the properties of gelatin

In daily life, gelatin manufacturers divide gelatin into edible gelatin, pharmaceutical gelatin, photographic gelatin and industrial gelatin. In particular, industrial gelatin can be divided into skin gelatin, bone gelatin, hot melt gelatin powder, protein gelatin, feed gelatin, matching gelatin, etc.



Industrial gelatin is a fine chemical that is classified according to the different uses of gelatin. It is a light yellow or brown particle with no unpleasant odors or visible impurities. It has a molecular weight of 1-100,000, contains 18 amino acids, and has a water and inorganic salt content of less than 16%, and a protein content of more than 82%. It is an ideal source of protein.


Gelatin is almost white or pale yellow, and almost colorless, odorless, transparent or translucent solid flakes or powder particles. Its molecular weight is 10,000 to 70,000, and the molecular weight of high-quality gelatin is between 100,000 and 150,000. Gelatin has a very special composition of amino acids, with a low content of sulfur-containing amino acids but an extremely high content of glycine, alanine, proline and hydroxyproline––accounting for 67% of the total amino acids, which is equivalent to about three times the content of these four amino acids in other mammalian proteins.



Gelatin is insoluble in cold water, but absorbs 5 to 10 times the weight of cold water and then swells and softens. It is dissolved in hot water and forms a gel when cooled. The difference between dissolution and solidification temperatures is very small, dissolved at about 30°C and solidified at 20-25°C.


Gelatin absorbs moisture easily and deteriorates in the air, so it should be sealed and stored dry. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and clumping. Use of industrial gelatin: First, it is used in the match manufacturing industry, mainly using the foaming properties of the colloid to form pores to combine with the oxidizer, igniter and filler to make it ignite immediately. Second, as an adhesive, it uses its high strength, elasticity and toughness to produce sanding cloth and sandpaper, bond wood and bind books for use in gift box assembly lines, musical instruments and the furniture industry.



The third is electrolysis. By adding electrolyte, it helps to produce smooth, dense anode precipitation and eliminate production losses. Fourth, for textile fabrics, it forms a film on the yarn bundle, increasing the toughness, strength, smoothness and elasticity of the fibers and preventing breakage. Fifth, the negative photoresist film was made with dichromate. Sixth, hydrolyzed proteins are extracted and used as additives.


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